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Aug 17, 2015

Hai peeps,
lama dah kan Qi tak post anything. huhu. Um actually kan, I wanna share about something. Sebenarnya Qi baru lepas tengok cerita Sayang Suria. Cerita ni pasal one girl ni whose having SLE. She met this one guy. How did they met? This girl tertinggal phone dia dekat dalam bas. Masa tu dia duduk sebelah guy tu. Then dia turun bas, laki tu kejar dia. Then macam mana entah dia pusing langgar tiang. Since that, dia dengan guy tu jadi kawan baik. That guy siap bawak dia pergi Langkawi. and masa tu diorang kahwin dekat sana. After that, Mr. SLE attacked this girl masa dekat sana. So her parent bawak Suria (ohh yeah, the girl's name is Nur Suria Imran) balik KL. After both of their family knows that they'd married, they forced that guy (Raykal) to divorced Suria. I'm sort of crying a bit because that guy crying. After 8 years, Raykal and Suria met at this one mall. Time tu Suria and maybe her fiance or friends (I'm not sure though) tengah distribute flyers pasal SLE. One day tu, Suria got sick and doctor said that she having maybe a week or a month (if I not mistaken). So Raykal decided to marry with Suria. But unfortunately, Suria died 2 weeks after being a wife to Raykal. Sad ending though.

I know about this movies from Lupus whatsapp group. Cerita ni quite interesting. and eventhough umur Suria tak panjang, but she have someone yang betul betul support dia. Sayang dia. Seronok kan? As for me? Hurm, okay taknak cakap apa apa. Hurm. Never mine Qi. Never mine. That's only a story. Okay lah. Actually I've many thing to story but tomorrow Qi ada paper. Nasib baik last paper. So maybe next time je kut Qi story mory okay? Good night peeps. And hey, don't forget to watch Sayang Suria. Ada dekat tonton.com.my. Good night! 

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